Corona Fine Area Rug Cleaning Services

We’re premier Corona Fine Area Rug Cleaning professionals in Oriental rug and Persian Rug cleaning, and a whole lot more.  Our team is specially trained and uniquely qualified, working from our own custom studio.

All fine rugs — whether domestic or imported, contemporary or antique — deserve special care and individual attention.  They’re a special part of your home, often a unique treasure.  Unlike carpet they should never be shampooed, steam cleaned, or bonnet dry cleaned.  That can damage them beyond repair.  But with expert cleaning they can remain beautiful for generations to come.

Our experience and expertise covers Chinese, contemporary designer, horse blanket, Indian, Navajo, needlepoint, oriental, specialty, Persian, tapestry, and Tibetan, and tribal rugs, including silk and wool rugs.

Corona Fine Area Rug Cleaning Services

Our rug care technicians provide a full range of cleaning and protection for Corona Fine Area Rug Cleaning Services.

  • Full Immersion Cleaning is the method most recommended by experts, museums, and manufacturers.  Our 8-step process mimics centuries old river washing using modern cleansers.
  • Dry Cleaning is necessary for some delicate fibers such as silk, jute, art silk, banana silk, and processed bamboo as well as for non water-safe dyes.  So we hand dry clean these treasures.
  • Dusting in between cleaning is advisable even if there’s no visible soil in order to remove abrasive particles trapped deeply where vacuuming can’t reach.  Dusting also removes allergens.
  • Pet Urine Treatments neutralize pet odors and remove stains using specially formulated products.
  • Allergy Treatments use natural products to reduce or eliminate the effects of dust, pollen, and dander.
  • Moth & Pest Treatments kill insect larvae that feed on natural fibers, and kills eggs to retard future infestations.
  • Soil & Stain Protector Applications keep your area rugs looking clean and beautiful longer, make it easier to blot-dry spills, and promote better results at the next cleaning.  We carefully match protectors to each type of textile fiber.
  •  Rug Padding reduces curl, wrinkle, and shifting hazards.  It also serves as a shock absorber, reducing wear.  We use only natural felt padding.
  • Tea Washing replaces antiquing on fringe that can sometimes be removed by even the gentlest of cleaning.
  • Preparation & Storage to protect a rug when you won’t be using it for a while.  Our technicians clean and dry it, apply insect retardant, and wrap it.  We can store it in a protected area at our site or at your choice of location.
  • Rug Repairs for simple problems are performed in-house.  Otherwise we’ll get several quotes for you from outside specialists.
  • Rug Appraisals are important for establishing an insurance policy.  A special insurance “rider” is usually necessary for these valuable possessions.  We’ll be happy to refer you to an experienced appraiser for a formal valuation.

Our Process

As an example of our procedures, our immersion cleaning process tailors each step to each individual rug.

  1. Pre-Inspection to determine the type of fiber, pile density, type of weave, and country of origin.  Plus testing color-fastness.  With this information we know the exact type of cleaning and care that’s best.
  2. Dusting, actually more important than washing, removes as much dust and soil as possible prior to washing.  This avoids clumping and abrasion during washing.  We use a combination of a Rug Badger vibrating duster and vacuuming.
  3. Odor removal for any mildew, smoke, or pet odors that won’t come out during washing.
  4. Submersion washing each rug individually by hand using specialized products for cleaning as well as for stain and spot removal.
  5. Rinsing using purified running water until no residues are present, leaving the rug soft and silky with nothing to cause fading or discoloration
  6. Grooming by proper brushing for a uniform texture and appearance.  We also de-tangle fringe.
  7. Drying, first flat to control bleeding then vertically in our climate-controlled drying room until measurements indicate proper fiber moisture content.
  8. Post-inspection to assure thorough cleaning, redoing any steps as needed, then dusting and vacuuming again.

Choose Gentle Genie for Corona Fine Area Rug Cleaning Services

We’re Corona’s local experts in rug cleaning.  Locally owned and operated we’re not a franchise or chain so you’ll always find us courteous, responsible, and dedicated to the very best care for your fine area rugs.  Our team of IICRC-certified rug technicians combine state of the art equipment with time tested procedures.  We offer free in-home estimates, with pickup and delivery available.

A Bit About Corona CA

Founded in 1887 as South Riverside, the name was changed in 1896 to Corona (Spanish for crown), referring to the circular Grand Boulevard used for international races in 1913, 1914, and 1916.  Corona is home to Fender Musical Instruments and Monster Beverage.