Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Murrieta

A handmade rug is a true treasure; properly cared for they can last for generations. You can trust your treasures to Gentle Genie Rug Care. We’ve been providing professional specialty services to Murrieta for years.

Do you have an Oriental or area carpet that needs cleaning? Give us a call for a free 6-step inspection and estimate. Our professionals are specially trained to take the best care of your rugs with gentle but thorough customized hand cleaning at our local studio.

Whether it’s an antique or contemporary textile, your rug will get the care and attention it deserves. We’re experienced with Chinese / Oriental rug cleaning, silk rug cleaning, Navajo rug cleaning, and Persian rug cleaning as well as specialties such as tapestry, needlepoint, and even fine horse-blanket rugs.


We Offer A Variety of Services In Beaumont To Keep Your Rugs Looking Brand New



This is the method that is recommended for most Oriental and Specialty Rugs. This is what our eight step process is all about. It mimics the river washing done for hundreds of years in these rugs countries of origin.

Dry Cleaning

Some rugs that are especially delicate such as silk or jute, whose dyes are unstable, or which are made from a manmade fiber such as Art Silk, Banana Silk, or are made from processed Bamboo, may not be able to be washed using our Immersion Cleaning. For these rugs, we offer several different dry cleaning methods developed especially for area rugs to achieve similar results. We still thoroughly dust and groom your rug when using these methods.


Even if your rug is not visibly soiled, it can still benefit from periodic dusting in between cleaning. Dry soil can act like sandpaper on a rugs fibers causing wear and reducing the lifespan of a rug. Dusting also removes many irritants that affect everyone especially those with allergies. If your rug only needs a professional dusting, we can do that!

Urine Treatment

We are masters at eradicating pet puddle odors and can even be successful at reducing or eliminating many pet stains from your carpet. As with all our techniques, we only use gentle products specially formulated for your type of Oriental or Specialty Rug.

Allergy Treatment

If you suffer from allergies we have a special line of natural products that can help eliminate and reduce the amount and effects of dust, pollen, and dander that can become trapped in your rug. As with all our products this treatment is formulated especially for your Oriental or Specialty Rug.

Moth & Pest Treatment & Retardant

Adult Moths and Carpet Beetles do not damage rugs but they do lay eggs in undisturbed areas of your rug such as under a couch, table or bed or a rug stored in a closet or attic. These eggs hatch into larvae that are so small as to be almost unnoticeable and it is these babies that feed on animal fibers such as silk and wool or on food stains and causing considerable damage. We have products to kill existing moths and products that help retard infestation. We also recommend that you disturb any idle areas by vacuuming both sides of a rug or having your rug dusted professionally at least every six months.

Soil & Stain Protector

We highly recommend protecting your Oriental or Specialty Rug with a protector that will keep your rug looking clean and fresh longer while at the same time making it easier for you to blot up any spills or pet accidents between cleaning to prevent them from becoming stains. The protector also ensures better results when you do have your rug cleaned. We have several products to use depending on the type of fiber your rug is made from.


A good pad keeps the rug from shifting, curling, and wrinkling which are safety hazards, but can also cause uneven wear to your rug. It also acts as a shock absorber to prevent wear. A good pad can help protect the underside of your rug from dirt and debris that can travel up through the foundation into the fibers. You should never use a rubber or synthetic pad which can become sticky, attracting dirt and can decompose over time causing damage. We offer high quality felt padding which is the type that is recommended by industry experts and consumer groups.

Tea Washing

Some rugs have been given a tea wash to tint the rug and/or fringe to give it an antiqued look. Sometimes this wash is not stable and is removed when the rug is washed or cleaned. We will advise you if we believe your rug has had this treatment during preinspection and can reapply this tea wash if it is removed during the cleaning process or was removed from a previous cleaning if you prefer this look.

Storage Preparation

We can prepare your rug for storage if you like to remove them from your floors occasionally, for instance in the summer months or when you are traveling. This is done by cleaning, thoroughly drying, applying insect retardant, and wrapping in plastic or tough synthetic paper. We recommend that you store you rug in a clean dry place that is free from insects, rodents and other pests and that you check your rug periodically. We also offer storage for your rug at our facility.


Some simple repairs we are even capable of doing ourselves but will always refer difficult repairs to our most qualified expert associate. We have access to experts who can repair damage to fringe and pile such as tears, holes, missing fringe, loose backing, binding, dye problems, moth damage, and more. We will get a number of quotes and facilitate the process of having your rug repaired. You would be amazed at what these expert are capable of accomplishing!


We do not do formal appraisals ourselves, but have access to expert associates that will appraise them for us at a reduced cost. If you believe that your rug is valuable, but do not have a good idea of how much it is worth, we recommend that you have it appraised for insurance purposes. Valuable Oriental and Specialty Rugs require a rider on your homeowners insurance to be properly insured.

Area Rug Cleaning in Murrieta

Whether antique or modern, a fine carpet is a work of art and deserves the best of care. Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs are easily removed, allowing them to be cleaned and dried under the exact controlled conditions that each particular textile needs.

More Information

Your rugs should be professionally treated every two to three years, even if they don’t look dirty. Regular washing protects your area carpet from accumulated dirt, dust, and sand deep inside. These gritty materials accelerate wear by actually cutting into the fibers; this in turn can promote mildew. In-home vacuuming just doesn’t do the job and home-cleaning isn’t recommended. Whether domestic or imported, special care is required for oriental, silk, and wool rugs (such as Persian and Navajo).

There are several critical steps in the area rug cleaning process.

First, careful inspection and testing is required to determine the proper procedure for each particular item. The correct selection of cleaning agents and methods depend on several factors. What types of fibers are used? What can and can’t damage the particular dyes used? Is it machine or hand made? Are there any stains, tears, sun damage … residue from prior improper cleaning? Next the rug needs to be dusted to remove dust and dirt from the pile and fibers, then washed with cool water and a carefully selected shampoo or hand dry cleaned if necessary. After rinsing, natural air drying is preferred. This can take up to 48 hours and must be done carefully to avoid mold and mildew. Finally, it needs to be brushed for a soft and uniform texture and the fringe gets combed out to prevent tangles and breakage.

All this is well worth the cost. With professional care, a rug you love can last generations. Doing it yourself or hiring a generic carpet cleaner can backfire, reducing the textile’s lifetime or even ruining it completely. So why risk it. For fine area rugs, always used a trained, experienced service with the right equipment and facilities.

Our Unique 8 Step Cleaning Process

1. Pre Inspection
We thoroughly inspect your rug to determine what type of fiber your rug is made of, the density of the pile, the type of weave and its country of origin. We measure your rug and inspect its overall condition. Then we test for color fastness and inspect the condition of the fringe. All of these things help us determine the type of cleaning and care it needs. We then provide you a copy of our findings so you can rest assured that your treasured rug is in safe hands.
2. Dusting
We consider dusting the most important step of our process. We have found through experience that rugs can hold a large amount of dust, dry soil and other particulate matter that if not removed can act like sandpaper on your rugs fibers, cutting the yarn, and reducing the life of the rug over time. This soil can also turn into cement like mud if not properly removed before cleaning also causing damage to a rug. We use the Rug Badger, a dusting machine, which used over the back of the rug, vibrates this deeply embedded soil and particulate matter from the rugs fibers and foundation. We then turn the rug over and thoroughly vacuum the top surface of the rug to remove any remaining dirt before cleaning.
3. Odor Removal
Before we clean your rug we check for any odors that may be trapped deep within the fibers and foundation of your rug. Pets, Smoke, Mildew, and other odors can be difficult to eliminate using regular cleaning products. We have many specialized, gentle products to treat these odors once we have identified them. Odors, even difficult to treat pet puddle odors, are no match for our natural neutralizing process.
4. Cleaning
Not every type of fiber and yarn used to construct rugs should be cleaned using the same process. Some rugs require our dry cleaning method. Other rugs respond better to our submersion cleaning done in our custom made bath which is similar to the traditional river washing done for thousands of years in the countries where many of these rugs are made. We pay special attention to stain and spot removal and the prevention of color loss or dye bleeding. We don’t put rugs together in the same bath. All rugs are cleaned individually and by hand, using low pH products to ensure safe, gentle and pure results with no residue.
5. Rinsing
We employ a soft water rinse for rugs that are washed in our custom “river washing” bath with water constantly flowing through the rug until there is nothing running through the rug but cool clear water. If a rug is not completely rinsed, residues can be left behind that could result in fading, discoloration, erosion of fibers or premature re-soiling. After we rinse your rug, there are no soils, harmful chlorine or chemical residues left behind. This thorough rinsing leaves your rug soft and silky to the touch.
6. Grooming
Proper grooming of your rug is another important step in our rug care process. We carefully brush your rug in the direction the knots are tied which determines the direction of the rug’s pile. This allows your rug to dry properly allowing for uniform texture and light reflection to ensure your rug retains its maximum beauty. This is when we also pay special attention to the fringe, detangling it to allow it to dry properly so that no damage occurs.
7. Drying
We first dry your rug flat to ensure that there is no color bleeding or browning. Once the rug is sufficiently dry, the rug is hung to finish drying in our thermostatically controlled drying room with gentle warm air encircling the entire rug to speed up the process. Before being removed from our tower, the rugs are tested using a moisture detection probe or meter. You can be sure that your rug is completely dry before it is returned to you.
8. Post Inspection
We re-inspect your rug to make sure it is the cleanest it can possibly be. We post vacuum and dust to make sure there is no particulate matter left in your rug. If we detect any remaining soil or spots that can be removed we will repeat any necessary steps. We absolutely love caring for these beautiful works of art and pride ourselves in our thorough but gentle process.

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