Our Favorite Recent Projects

Some of our favorite recent projects are explained below. Due to the special nature of their fibers, wool and silk rugs require special care in cleaning.  This is to minimize the risk of damage and because of the difficulty in thoroughly removing all dust and dirt.  Extra care and attention are also needed in dealing with stains and pet odors.

Wool Rugs

Wool is a marvelous rug fiber.  It’s warm underfoot, naturally resists bacteria and repels stains, and with proper care is very durable.  Not to mention gorgeous.  But it does collect more grime and dust than other fibers.

Despite what you may have read, woolen rugs shouldn’t be steam cleaned or machine cleaned.  It’s important that they not become soaked nor have their natural oils depleted.  They need to be kept flat and not allowed to wrinkle, warp, or contract.  If you insist, you can carefully wash small areas one at a time, blotting out excess moisture as you go.  But only professionals have the right equipment and commercial cleansers to do the job thoroughly and safely.  Once a year is generally recommended, even with weekly to monthly vacuuming.

Wool Rugs Recent Projects

We’re especially proud of several recent projects.


Silk is the utmost in elegant oriental rugs.  Silk fibers are among the strongest in the world yet should only be cleaned with the mildest of products.   And they’re highly vulnerable to stains, dirt, and abrasion.

Tip:  Spills on silk rugs should be immediately be blotted with warm water on a white towel.  Blot, don’t rub!  If you can’t completely remove the spill it’s time for professional spot removal.

Tip:  Silk rugs should be vacuumed as often as twice weekly, but only with a brush-less suction head.

Silk Rug Cleaning Recent Projects

Two examples of our recent work on these delicate silk treasures:

Pet Accidents

It’s important to deal with pet stains as soon as possible, before they do lasting harm.  That’s especially true if your cat or dog has a spot they especially like repeatedly to “mark.”  Urine and vomit are acidic and given time damage wool and especially silk.  Once dried they leave behind alkali crystals which are also damaging.  And organics become trapped giving rise to long-lasting odors even if there’s no longer a visible spot.

Your first line of defense is immediately blotting with a towel and warm water until there’s no detectable color.  Or you might try diluted white vinegar or a product specially formulated for silk or wool fibers.  Don’t forget the back side of the rug and the floor underneath.  If anything (stain or odor) lingers it’s time for professional spot removal, as soon as possible.

Pet Accidents Recent Projects

We’re especially proud of our fine area rug rescues.  Here are some recent examples.