Temecula Fine Rug Cleaning Services

Temecula fine rug cleaning experts for premier rug care services for more than 40 years, you can count on our experience to treat your family heirlooms with the care they deserve! Our highly trained specialists treat each rug individually, by hand.

Chinese, Indian, Navajo, needlepoint, Oriental, Persian, tapestry, Tibetan, tribal, Turkish, and more.

Your area rug might be the centerpiece of a room’s decor, an irreplaceable family heirloom, or simply a contemporary favorite.  Domestic or imported, antique or contemporary, fine rugs deserve — and need — extra special care.  They should never be steam cleaned nor machine dry cleaned.  We have all the training, experience, and equipment necessary to keep them looking fresh and lasting for generations.

Rug care is about more than appearance.

Their rejuvenation includes taking care of odors and allergens.  And above all, avoiding unnecessary wear from trapped particles.

Professional Services

We’re ready to fulfill all your rug-care needs.

  • Allergy treatments using natural products to reduce or eliminate dust, pollen, and dander.
  • Dusting to remove to remove abrasive particles that cut into fibers, as well as to remove irritants.  Often recommended in-between washing even if there’s no visible dust.
  • Full immersion washing by hand in cold water using mild cleansers. Recommended by museums, rug experts, and manufacturers for most fine rugs.
  • Hand dry cleaning for natural silk and jute as well as manmade fibers (such as “silks” and bamboo-based textiles) that shouldn’t be exposed to water.  Includes dusting and grooming.
  • Moth and pest treatment:  It’s not the adult insects you see, but rather their larvae hatching from eggs that eat natural fibers.  Indoor health-conscious treatments kill moths and other insects to stop the cycle.
  • Custom padding using quality natural felt to reduce wear and avoid trip hazards.
  • Pet urine treatment to remove odors and stains using products specially formulated for fine rugs.
  • Preparation and storage for rugs that won’t be used for a month or more.  We clean, thorough dry, and wrap each individually for storage at our facility or your choice of location.
  • Soil and stain protector application to help you keep your treasure clean and fresh for longer.  Also improves results on the next washing.
  • Tea washing restores the antiquing often used to darken fringe.

Although we may make minor repairs, we’ll refer you to a specialist near Temecula for most rug repairs.  We can also refer you to our local network for formal appraisals, such as those needed for insurance protection.

Our 8-Step Process

Even with regular vacuuming dust and dirt accumulates deep down.  And can cause lasting harm.  Our immersion rug washing procedure mimics centuries-old river washing, but with the latest cleansers and other products.

  1. Inspection:  Everything begins with an inspection to determine the type of fibers, construction method, pile density and more.  We also test for color fastness. We need all this information to determine all the details of the best cleaning method and which products to use.
  2. Dusting removes dust, dry soil, and other particulates that can interfere with washing.
  3. Odor and spot removal takes care of anything that won’t be removed by regular cleaning.
  4. Cleaning takes place with full immersion in purified water using cleansers tailored to each individual rug for gentle yet through washing.
  5. Rinsing under flowing water continues until it’s completely clear of residue, so your rug will be as soft as possible.
  6. Grooming brushes in the direction of the knotting for a uniform texture and appearance.
  7. Drying begins horizontally, then moves to hanging vertically in a climate-controlled drying room until moisture measurements say it’s done.
  8. Re-inspection assures absolutely cleanliness.  We’ll repeat any steps necessary to make it so.

Choose Gentle Genie for Temecula Fine Rug Cleaning

We’re an independent company with our own local studio near Temecula.  Dedicated to the best in rug care and business integrity, Gentle Genie and our technicians hold numerous certifications from the world-leading non-profit Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification.  So you can count on us for superior technology, methods, and products to deliver superior results.

Destination Temecula

Now a tourist and resort destination, Temecula began as the land grants Rancho Temecula and Rancho Little Temecula in the mid-1800s. Temecula fine rug cleaning has been available since 1980!